Do you also geek out on equipment?
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Do you also geek out on equipment?

6. juni 2024 Af Georgia Timmermann

I am lucky enough to test equipment. I have many different horses in the stable, as I make a living from riding, teaching, writing, giving lectures, organizing riding camps and courses. This time I took the initiative to try a new bridle. I have been using Finesse® Bridles since March 4, 2024. I also rode with it at the Herning Stallion Show, where Sif won 3 awards out of 3. I use Finesse® Bridles for training Commando and Caboo for competitions.

The horses have responded positively to the bridle. Their necks are not tense after training, and the horses seem content standing still in front. I love that the bridle is light, as I believe the less weight the horse carries, the better they perform. The bridle is light, functional, and easy to put on the horse.

Customize your Finesse® Bridles

The bridle is also beautiful, the leather quality is very high and out of grain leather which is very strong and soft at the same time. You can customize the browband and noseband in size and appearance. There are several models to choose from. I have chosen the Zorro bridle with a thin browband for Sif and a wider one for Caboo, as he has a slightly larger head. He also uses an X-Full browband but a full size bridle. You can customize it when ordering the bridle. This way, the bridle does not tighten around the forehead where specific nerves needs protection on the sides or become too large in other areas, as you can choose different sizes based on the horse’s head size.

I geek out on equipment

Elsker heste og vil gøre alt for at de også mig
Love animals

I love geeking out on everything related to horses, including equipment. My philosophy is that horses should ideally wear as little equipment as possible. What they wear should be something they want to have on and should help them perform their best during training and competitions. They should not wear equipment just to look good. Horses should be trained to develop muscles, become stronger, and more durable without equipment causing discomfort or tension.

Equipment for the horse’s sake

This is where Finesse® Bridles excels – they develop bridles to ensure the well-being of the horse, not just for aesthetic purposes. Finesse® Bridles are designed to minimize pressure on the neck. The buckles are made and placed not to irritate the horse, positioned on points of the horse’s head where they cannot rub or press unnecessarily. For example, when the noseband is fastened, the bridle stays in place. One thing I appreciate about Finesse® Bridles is that the bridle does not shift on the horse’s head when you use subtle rein aids, make half-halts, or ask for changes in pace. The horse has freedom and the bridle is not tight. You can also easily remove the noseband, but I often keep it on to keep the bit in place. The leather is flexible, allowing the horse to open its mouth even more if desired.

The developer of Finesse® Bridles is committed to continuously improving and optimizing the equipment so the horse can perform at its best as a riding horse. The bridle is not only developed for dressage but also for other disciplines. For example, I compete in showjumping at competitions and primarily focus on dressage and leisure riding on a daily basis. Whether you are a leisure rider going for a ride or a competitive rider in eventing, the bridle can suit your horse. 

Love my horses
All our horses in the stable need to have the best to be the best

I also enjoy delving into details, and our next project with Finesse® Bridles involves me participating in a test where we will compare the bridle in action on the horse with a regular bridle. I look forward to it and will make sure to update you readers on the results.

Best wishes and have a nice day

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